Welcome to The Capital Region Center for Sexual Health

The Capital Region Center for Sexual Health, LLC is a dynamic resource devoted to guiding and empowering anyone and everyone on the path to optimal sexual functioning, pleasure and intimacy throughout the lifespan.

Sexual health is integral to our overall health and well-being. It lives at the intersection of multiple disciplines and requires a vibrant union of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Physical, emotional, relational, social, political, spiritual/religious, familial and economic factors ALL play a part in shaping our sexual beliefs, values, behaviors and expectations of intimacy, pleasure and satisfaction.

The Capital Region Center for Sexual Health is founded on the perspective and philosophy that understanding and addressing issues with sex and intimacy in our lives and relationships requires a holistic, comprehensive perspective and approach. To help achieve this, the Center works with a diverse network of leading healthcare and other relevant professionals, both domestically and internationally.

The Center provides sexual health services including customized sexual health programs, sexual therapy, education, training and research for any and all sexual and intimacy concerns. These services are available both remotely and in-person, for domestic and international clients and audiences.