EVENT: A Women’s Forum: An Opportunity to Reflect and Share

Sexual assault on women is a forgivable and electable norm.
Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights are in jeopardy.

The Capital Region Center for Sexual Health (crcshny.com) is hosting a forum for women to come together to share their feelings, listen to one another, and connect with others who are emotionally impacted by troubling current events directly impacting women’s sexuality.

Women are invited to talk about their responses to these current events in a safe and supportive group dialogue which will be facilitated by Dr. Bridget M. Finn Ph.D., Founder and President of The Capital Region Center for Sexual Health.
This discussion group is provided free of charge. Due to limited space and seating, pre- registration is requested. To register, email Dr. Finn at bmmfinn@aol.com

When: Sunday December 11, from 10:30-12.
Where: The Capital Region Center for Sexual Health
2023 Route 9
Ushers 9 Park
Round Lake, NY 12151

As Susan B. Anthony said to her sisters and friends in 1870:
“So while I do not pray for anybody or any party to commit outrages, still I do pray, and that earnestly and constantly, for some terrific shock to startle the women of this nation into a self-respect which will compel them to see the abject degradation of their present position, which will force them to break their yoke of bondage, and give them faith in themselves; which will make them proclaim their allegiance to women first; which will enable them to see that man can no more feel, speak, or act for woman than could the old slaveholder for his slave. The fact is, women are in chains, and their servitude is all the more debasing because they do not realize it. O, to compel them to see and feel, and to give them the courage and conscience to speak and act for their own freedom, though they face the scorn and contempt of all the world for doing it.”

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