The Center offers the following services both in-person and remotely, for domestic and international clients and audiences. Contact the Center for additional information and costs.


Dr. Finn has established long standing working relationships with a diverse network of leading professionals, both domestically and internationally, to develop customized approaches to exploring, understanding and achieving optimal sexual health including sexual therapy, education, and training for any and all sexual and intimacy concerns.


Dr. Finn has the reputation as the go-to sexual therapist among top healthcare professionals in the Capital Region and beyond. The Center offers sex therapy for adults of any age, relationship status, gender, or sexual orientation, and for all forms of sexual, relational, and personal styles.

Through sex therapy individuals and couples can address any and all concerns about sexual function, feelings, behaviors, and intimacy.

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Dr. Finn’s reputation as a speaker in the field of sexuality and sexual health is built on her training, professional experience and expertise, and ability and openness to exploring and presenting intimate topics with sincerity, integrity, warmth and humor. Dr. Finn is available to speak to your group or organization on a broad range of sexual health topics.


Dr. Finn has extensive experience and expertise as a sexual health educator and trainer. The Center develops and implements sexual health training and education programs on a broad range of topics for diverse audiences and groups including medical, academic, spiritual/religious, parent, and social service organizations.


Dr. Finn has developed and taught classes on sexuality and sexual health in classroom and community settings for nearly 30 years. In addition to in-person speaking engagements and educational trainings, the Center offers an on-line learning community developed to bring sexual health information and education to a global audience. Offerings include eCourses and workshops developed for anyone interested in empowering and enriching their sexual and intimate lives and potential through connected learning and shared conversations.


Dr. Finn has intensive training and expertise as a qualitative and systems/relational researcher and consultant in the field of sexual and reproductive health, which has contributed to her deep understanding of the challenges clients and healthcare providers face in discussing sexual health concerns. This allows her to help clients and healthcare providers optimize communication. The Center’s particular areas of expertise in sexual health research includes intimate/sexual relationship dynamics, understanding physicians’ diagnostic, treatment and prescribing behaviors for patients with sexual health concerns, patients’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as the physician/patient dynamic around sexual health product evaluation and choice processes.